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Ammo 031114Dear FCHS,
      My boyfriend and I adopted Ammo (or as his friends knew him there as Phantom), about 4 months ago. We just wanted to send an update that we are doing fantastic! Ammo loves cuddling, running in circles around the living room, chewing on his bones, and car rides. He's also become very protective of the ones around him. He's living the life you could say!! 
Thank you for our new best friend!!    Abby & Zack    3/5/14

rosebud torti Rosebud -  rosebud torti 2 030314
She's a great cat, lots of fun!  Mikala   3/3/14

tabby drivingtabby and kevin 030314

Hi... this is Kevin and Tabby.  I just wanted to share a few pictures.  And say thank you for Tabby. .. she has made this lonely truckdriver very happy...      03/03/14

midnight and bailey 030314
My husband and I adopted Peanut, now called Bailey, almost two years ago. She was such a good addition to our family that we came back and adopted Maestro, now called Midnight, this past summer. They love to play and are a delight to have in our home. They very rarely leave our side. Thank you Franklin County Humane Society for rescuing these two wonderful dogs and allowing us to adopt them.   Barb and Jack   2/22/14

Remy shepx 030314

Here's an update on Remmy:
He's been doing really great since we've had him. He is a very smart boy and loves to learn. We decided to do all of the training on our own and have had huge success. He is very energetic, but he is very well behaved in the house.    Brandon   2/24/14

sailor puppy 021814

Sailor had a great first night sleeping all night.  Thanks for everything!!  Meg  2/2/14

jax and sisters -21614
jax jrt 021614
Hello, my name is Irwin; well now it's Jax Beeson and I was adopted by a family who loves me very much. I play with my new pals and get lots of cuddle time with my kids.  I have lots of toys to play with and chew on and a big yard to run in with my two sisters who  are in the pic with me :). Oh and there is a pic of me and my new mommy too. I love my family!      Jax   2/16/14

Coral cat 2014 Just wanted to let you know. We adopted one of your cats from the Petco in Arnold. Her name was Coral and still is. She is a simply wonderful cat! She has so much personalty and is so loving. We thought you might like to see her so we sent some pictures...     Debbie and Edward       1/28/14

Ava terrier 2014

Hi, my name is Ava, it used to be Bebe but my new family decided to change it, which is OK with me. I am doing real good at coming when they call my name, especially when I think I may get a treat! I love treats and I sit very still while I wait for one. I have been acting very good for my new family, I have a new friend to play with, he is a Border Collie and is 6 years old (his name is Rudy), we have a lot of fun together playing with toys and wrestling. He taught me that I should go outside when I need to go do my duty. The other day when we went outside there was a lot of snow. I really like running and playing in the snow. My new family gives me lots of love and I give them lots of love back, I get very excited when they come home. I am very happy to be with my new family and my new family is very happy they adopted me from the FCHS.
     Kurt 1/28/14

beemer buff catI’ve attached a picture of our little “Baylee ” (previously “Beemer”). 

Santa brought Baylee to our house Christmas morning…….and my girls are over the moon in love with him already!  He is doing wonderful, and has grown so much already.  Our Baylee B (as the girls call him) loves to play with everything in sight, and never misses out on a good “cat nap”!  What a wonderful addition he has been to our family J     Sarah 1/28/14

Porsche is a huge part of my life.  My two year old has a huge bonding with her.  She is the most genPorsche foster dogtle dog ever.  She knows how to sit, shake and laydown, she loves her treats & her trips to Petco to pick up goodies.  Every night she chooses to sleep with my son in his bed.  She also loves to smile! I found out she loves candycanes.  She is also a huge sleepy head and never wants to get out of bed.  We are so blessed we came across her on petfinder.  She has had no accidents shockingly and loves to cuddle.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to let us add a furbaby to our little family.   The Toelkes       1/14/14

Ed. note:  Many thanks to Porsche's awesome foster family for making this little family possible!

Kyra and ThunderHello Everyone,
I just wanted to give you an update on Thunder (Sir Ryan)! He was going on three months at the end of November and now he is sneaking up onto five. As you can see in the picture he is growing fast and is beautiful.    He loves hiding in boxes, playing with Jewel (our small dog), playing with toys, being brushed, and loves attention. He will actually play ball with you!  If you roll a ball to him he will roll it back. The whole family loves him and I believe he loves us! I will keep you guys up-to-date as our family grows.  He is one pretty kitty and has an amazing attitude and personality.     Brande    1/14/14

Update on Thunder:  He is a beautiful kitten with an awesome personality!  Kyra is excited because her school is doing a fund raiser for you guys. Kyra pays 25 cents to enter a picture of her pet and then 1 cent to vote. Of course she is entering Thunder!! To give you an update on Thunder he loves water, taking baths, and anything else to do with water. He recently has learned to get in the bathroom sink and push the handle up to turn the water on by himself. He also has to sleep right by my side every night. He loves jumping on different heights and playing with the four pound dog. He enjoys quiet time as much as playing. He has learned to give you his paw when asked as well as playing ball with us. If you roll a bounce ball to him he will bat it back right to you. He is also a talker and will carry on a conversation with you. He is a joy to have and seems very happy. He loves to be petted, talked to, groomed, and played with! It took Kyra 3 hours to pick out this kitten, but they make the perfect pair. Also, I work in Union and we accumulate a ton of newspapers so I will start dropping them office to you guys. Let me know what you think of Thunder as he has gotten so big!       Brande 2/4/14

Apricot cat 122013Happy Holidays !!!!
Just wanted to share our best wishes from one of your previous residents. 
We could not have been more pleased with our adoption. 
Doctor Corn Nibblet .....aka Apricot             12/20/13

Whiskey pup 121613

One little Dolly Baby:  Whiskey and her new mom and dad...  12/16/13

Lucy christmas 120313

Lucy – adopted from FCHS this summer, says, “Merry Christmas”!

Thank you, FCHS, for our sweet little Friend

 Best, Becky & Ed – and Lucy!  12/4/13

Dave and booger black dog 120413
Hi -  Here is a picture of my hubby and my fur baby that adopted us from your wonderful facility about 5 years ago. We had a choc lab mix "Macey" and had just lost a pet and wanted another when we came searching for our new family addition.  He melted out hearts and we named him “Booger”.  He has changed our lives. We have never had a pet that has the instincts he has. He can sense illness in people and will not leave their side. He has even assisted a friend get his balance to walk. How he knows this is truly a gift from God. I would love to train him to be a “Touch Therapy” dog. Macey is now 12 and we are thinking of introducing  another fur baby into our home at some point. For those questioning adoption, please “adopt before you shop.” Somehow they know and make the best family addition you will find. Thank you for all you do at your facility! Merry Christmas! Terry  12/4/13


Here are a few pictures of "Blondie", now named "Lily".  She is a sweetheart and we are having Blondie black catsuch a good time together.  She is adjusting so well.  No problems at all.  Like I said, sleep thru the night is not always happening, lol.  She loves to race around sliding across the kitchen floor at 3:00 am  (but don't all kitties!).  I love her dearly.  She is more than I could have hoped for. Loving, sweet, fun, gentle and so vocal....I love everything about my wee Lily! 

Everyone at FCHS was just great to work with thru the adoption. All very kind and I could tell that each of you absolutely love watching over the sweet critters in your care.

Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season! 12/3/13 

Diablo orange LH catDiablo, now named Simba, was brought into the shelter after being abandoned in a house by his previous owner.  He was at the shelter for about a month, and was then sent up to Arnold PetsMart and housed at our cattery there.  He was adopted into a new home after only a week of being at Arnold!

His new owners tell us he is doing great, he has settled in quickly and is starting to like his new little dog sibling!  12/3/2013

Reno and Savannah 111913A Happy update from Reno's new familyReno with broom 111913Reno chihuahua

My name is Savanah. My grandma adopted Reno for me so I just wanted to send an update! He is  such a good dog. I adopted him in June of this year from Petco in Washington. He was about 3 months old when I adopted him, now he is almost 9 months old! He and my cat have a love hate relationship. He loves car rides and just running around. He also loves playing tetherball. He won a Halloween costume contest this year! Here's some pictures of him! Thanks so much!   His name wasn't changed either. Reno fits him perfectly!    11/19/13

Hi there, we adopted Remy from the Franklin County Humane Society in January and back then you knew her as Tinsel.  Remy was just about 9 weeks old when we brought her home in January and last week we celebrated her first birthday (with a few milk bones and peanut butter of course).  We wanted to give you a quick update on how she is doing and let you know how happy we are to have her in our family!

We think Remy Tinsel dogis pretty happy to be here too.....she is fabulous with kids, dogs, neighbors and everyone in between. Our nieces and nephews often call just to check on how Remy is and always remind us we have to bring her when we visit. Remy is a huge fan of all their love and attention so it is a perfect match!

Since we both work full time, Remy attends daycare a couple days a week so she can work out some of her energy and have fun doing it. She definitely thinks she is the belle of the ball at daycare and we are so happy we found such a great place for her to run/play/socialize. She has also made several friends in the neighborhood too and loves the puppy play dates she hosts in our back yard!

Remy is such an important part of our little family and we can't thank you enough for introducing us. We love her so much and we will always be grateful to the Franklin County Humane Society for rescuing her for us!!

Thank you for all the work you do!   -Brianne & Noah   11/19/13

Delilah and Lucy cats 103013

I adopted "Delilah" and "Lucy" (Jelly Bean at the time), from the Franklin County Humane Society on October 16th. They have been an amazing addition to my family. They are top tier snugglers and they love attention. Delilah tends to be the "instigator" on the mischief and Lucy follows suit. My family and I are so in love with these little darlings and are truly blessed to have found them!!

Thanks to everyone at the Humane Society for being so helpful.

Sincerest regards,     Lindsey      10/30/13

lucy black dog 092913lucy black dog 2 092913Lucy black dog 3 092913

We love Lucy! Thank you for trusting us to adopt her into our home. She is acclimating well!

Since we adopted her in August, she has learned many tricks, has gone on 2 float trips, a camping trip, outdoor restaurants, other  outings and events. And it is only September J. She is doing very well. With her life jacket, she is a very good swimmer. Too, she can jump very high and run swiftly! She is so beautiful -  her teeth are bright white against her so-soft, coal black fur. She has received the good health stamp of approval from our local Veterinarian, Dr. Dan Smith, Animal Hospital of Washington MO. At 6 months old she has a lot of energy. Ed & I channel her energy in playing fetch with her favorite ball, taking walks and learning new tricks. She is fully house trained & crate trained at bed time & while we are away. This is not to say that she does not get into occasional mischief... 

She is a wonderful companion & a perfect match for us. We look forward to years of fun together. Is there anything better than to know that you’ve saved a dog, and in return, they’ve saved so much love to share with you? Thank you for all that you do FCHS. YOU are the best!

Kind regards,  Becky & Ed  9/29/13

Liberty beagle 2013

Liberty stopped by with her new family to say hello! She is loving her new home and her Mom says that she is a wonderful little girl! We just knew she would make someone a great companion! It's such an awesome feeling seeing our furry children again when they come in to visit! Thanks for bringing Liberty in, and thanks so much for adopting her into your life!    9/10/13

I adopted Snickers a year ago. It was the best decision I have ever made. Very loving and sweet dog. He has added so much joy to our household.
He's very protective.  He sits for his treats, loves to play and go for walks.  He sleeps next to me every night. He's the most loving pet I could ever have.
Thank you for letting me adopt him.  -- Lia   7 19 13

tom jerry hugging cats 062613Fudge, now "Jerry" with his new bff "Tom."

Fudge was adopted 6/11/13 from the Arnold Petsmart cattery.  The two kitties bonded right away and have become fast friends.   6/11/13

 Houdini the Service Dog



I worked at the FCHS for a little while, and a rather special dog chose me. He started slipping under fences and opening cage/kennel doors to follow me around. I actually wasn't fond of Jack Russell Terriers, and when learning about breeds, I had decided against ever having one. But this little guy had other ideas.


I was having a difficult time, struggling to deal with medical problems that were getting worse. I wasn't looking for any pets, since I already had 2 dogs and a cat. But this little Jack Russell made sure I took him home. He was adopted and returned a few times, showing various behavior problems that most people couldn't deal with. He could escape from anything, and left home alone would get destructive. Because of how he constantly followed me, I couldn't help but take him home.


It wasn't long after his behavior problems had improved that my medical problems became bad enough that I ended up having to leave my job. That was when he really changed.


I first realized just how special he was when I was having a severe asthma attack and he came over and dropped my inhaler at my feet.

Apparently he had seen that was what I used to get better, and understood that getting it to me would help. I knew then that it was more than just me saving him. He was exactly what I needed to become independent and functional again.


I took him to a trainer, starting with basic obedience and proper behavior around people, then moved on to teach him tasks specific to my problems. With him at my side, I am able to go out again without needing someone with me, I can go grocery shopping, to doctors appointments, restaurants, movies, and even vacation!


He's lived with me 8 1/2 years now, and been my service dog for almost 7 of those years, and still going strong. I can't imagine where I'd be without him today; he gave me back my life. I've included a couple photos of him, including dressed for 'work'. 

Kiko and Noah    

Kiko and Noah catsAlmost a year ago my fiancé and I adopted two cats from you guys: Kiko, which is what you named her, and Noah (you named him Yum Yum). I wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt them! We love them very much and they are doing great. Noah is now so big and Kiko stayed the same. They are both very loving and vocal cats and we love that about them. Noah is doing a lot better with coming out when other people are over and even let my soon to be father in law hold him. Since he was found in a trap, he was afraid of everyone but is doing great, and he is the most vocal. Kiko is very outgoing and loves to be the center of attention. They love to lay in the sun, play with their toys, sit in the windows and cuddle! The best part is they still love to cuddle with each other. It is so cute. I have attached several pictures of them so you can see them in person. Thank you once again and we are very happy and thankful we adopted them.

Sara F.  6/19/13

Margot cat 032513

Here is a photo of Margot! I think she actually posed for it, she is such a diva!

Petra  3/25/13



   I wanted to let you know how Boo Boo (Frank there) is doing now. It's been about 3 years since I adopted my beautiful boy there at your shelter as a cute little blue eyed kitten. Well, he's not so blue eyed now or so little.  
   He's grown up to be a very handsome yellow eyed boy. These days he enjoys good food, care, pompom balls(his favorite) and all the love he can get. Thank you so much for bringing us together.   Meghan   6/17/13

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Franklin County Humane Society -MO
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Reggie and Tina are settling in well.  My husband and I are so happy to have them. :)  We love watching them play, and cuddling with them when they're sleepy.  Everyone who meets them is amazed by how friendly they are, so kudos to the foster mom.

Thanks to all the staff at the Humane Society for helping us add to our little family!


 Hi Jean, 

 We talked on the phone several days ago, about the kitties we adopted. (Winston and Heidi) We have renamed them Declan and Maraboo.

I am attaching a photo of them. They love to find spots to catnap together. This time it was the sink! LOL

Dede K.   6/14/13


Chloe LH tabby 040713I adopted Chloe from the Franklin County Humane Society in Union, MO last May. She is just the most lovable kitty I have ever known! I have two other cats and they are still a bit stand offish towards her, but I am so happy with all my "lady cats." I just happened to click on your website one day and immediately knew I had to go see this charming girl. It was love at first sight for both of us! I am so grateful to you for taking care of all the animals and I've donated food and money several times over the past year to try and help the cause.
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the good work you do!  Phyllis  4/7/13

Serafina white cat 032313Here are some pictures of "Alaska", now known as Serafina. We love her very much. She loves ice cream, playing "string", napping on whatever soft spot she can find, and hiding under the covers. The first day home she only hid from us for a few hours and then her curiosity got the better of her. Serafina and Sophia are the best of friends and she will follow my daughter (Sophia) all over the place and they sleep together at night (Serafina's choice!). 

Thank you for letting us bring her home. She is the perfect addition to our family and we love her so very much! :) 

Katie, Tim, Sophia, and Serafina    3/23/13

Buttercup peach tabby 021413
Jean – attached are a couple of photos of Buttercup, the cat we adopted.  She is doing great.  She is very playful, feisty & out going.  And she has been a great fit in our house.  My daughter, 3yrs old,  loves to play with her & Buttercup loves the attention.   Melissa 2/15/13


Ruth L. reports on her new friend Barb:
Just wanted to let you know how Barb was doing... she and our other buddy Bullseye are getting along very well!  Barb is loving all the attention she gets and loves to burrow under our covers and sit on our laps.  She is learning a few commands and getting on a good schedule for eating and going to the "loo".  We just love her!  Hopefully the picture will come through as an attachment.  She and Bullseye are found together on the couch, on his bed, and even in his kennel at times.





Jack the contractors cat 2012

Here's Jack sitting in his favorite spot during the day.  He is absolutely the sweetest cat.  I have had no problems with him whatsoever.  He had no trouble going from your Purina Cat food to my brand.  Went straight to the litter box.  Claws --- we "may" declaw him, but I haven't decided yet.  He does like to go outside on the porch, but comes right back in.  He is an inside cat, not outside.

Diesel big kitty

Diesel takes up a whole couch cushion!  We love him so much...such a gentle giant! Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas!
The Kayser family  12/23/2012


Iris cat lights 2012

Hi, this is Iris.  That's me helping with the Christmas lights.  I was adopted in April, 2012, and spent my first Christmas in my new home.  I love my home.  I lie in the window and watch the birds, squirrels, blowing leaves and falling snow.  I like playing with my toys, especially a straw.  Straws are a wonderful toy.  I can easily throw it up in the air and I can carry it wherever I want!  I also have fun playing with plastic spoons and hiding in my cardboard box.   
        Iris   12/30/12 

Lexie Kitty 2012

Merry Christmas from Cinnamon
Now known as Lexie Kitty.  She is settled in and having a
very Merry Christmas!

Jen   12/25/12


Gus white cat 2012

In 2009 we adopted Gus from the humane society, at first he was a little shy but warmed up to our family very quickly. Gus can act like a cuddly cat sometimes, other times he's like a dog that follows you everywhere and the rest of the time he acts like a human baby that even likes to be cuddled like a baby! We are very happy with our addition to the family and plan to have him in our lives for a very long time!
Mariah 12/24/2012

This is Aspen, adopted in December 2012 - Zach and Ashley
Aspen tabby 011313

Adalynn cat

This is Adalyn. She was three months old when we got her and was born without a back paw- not like that stops her.  She's a ball of love and energy. We can't even imagine not having her with us now.    Casi 12/5/11

Smoky LH 0712Hello,
We thought you might enjoy knowing about the kitten we adopted last fall on November 6th. His name was Memphis (we changed it to Smokey). We adopted him from the Arnold Petsmart, but he was originally from your facility. He was only about four months old at the time. We just wanted to let you know that he has provided us much happiness and laughter and is given lots of love and care. He is the king of this castle and he knows it. :)
So glad someone placed this handsome boy at your facility, and in turn to our local pet store.     Sincerely,  Sherry  7/24/12

pug 0712Just wanted to update you on the adoption of a "Chinese Pug" that adopted last year.  He has brought sooooooooo much love and joy into our home.  We love him soooo much.  Today he has a BIG backyard to run and play in, and he sleeps in our bed.  He is definitely one of our family!
Thank you sooo much for this addition to our family!  Sincerely,  Jim 7/20/12

Ken Max and Penny
Ken, Max and Penny

Penny is a perfect companion for Max and for our family. She and Max play a lot, take naps together, and go for long walks with Ken on the KATY trail. I don't have a picture yet of them in their walking gear, but Penny is a hoot with her tiny metal training collar and leash. At this time Max has walked 592 miles with Ken, and Penny, 37.

She knows how to sit and down for treats now, and is pretty good on the leash. She has discovered she does NOT like bitter apple flavored furniture, but plain furniture (wood) is pretty tasty.  She still forgets to get outside 100% of the time for potties, but is doing pretty well with that
too. I think one of the problems is that we still don't know how she tells us she is ready to go outside. All accidents recently have been right by the door. We just didn't know she was there!
This afternoon she successfully defended our home from a cat - it was  Max and Penny
outside on the street, and Penny was on the deck, but she was sure we were being invaded! And Max has flourished in her company. He is never bored and has lost all his chewing and other puppy behaviors. He's too busy keeping up with Penny!  Penny [enjoys her] new favorite toy; it's so good because you can chase it, you can chew it, it rattles, and sometimes it has a little kibble in it!

Basically, we just love her to bits and are so glad Terry suggested that we
might want to adopt her. Thanks for finding these two wonderful dogs for us!  Mary 1/17/12

ed. note:  Ken, send us your milestones as you walk with Max and Penny!  Awesome!


Thanks so much for our "Raliegh Francisco Myers".  It seems like he has been with us 4-ever.  Raliegh is the best dog ever!! 

Georjie and Haley  1/2/12

Winnie couch...We named her Winnie.  She slept all the way home [to California] in the soft-sided pet carrier bag.  As you can tell from the attached pics, Winnie is having a really hard time adjusting to her new home :-)  Her older brother Brutus ignored her for the first couple of days but now they're inseparable.  We haven't taken Winnie to the dog beach or the ocean yet because she's not fully vaccinated.  She's on the Puppy Plus plan at Banfield Animal Hospital in Encinitas (the staff there is crazy about her :-).  They have continued her vaccination schedule from where your shelter left off.  At 4 months she'll be spayed, rear dewclaws removed, and should have all vaccines to the point that she can start going to the dog parks and the ocean.  We'd like to start puppy obedience classes ASAP.  

MyAn and I love Winnie so much!   Also, we're so appreciative of you and your staff for your hard work in accommodating our unique set of circumstances...thank you!  We'll keep in touch and send pics from the ocean.  

Warmest regards, David & MyAn  1/16/12

Hello, this is a follow up letter to let you know how "Cubby" now known as Felix is doing...  Well, he is doing great!!  He integrated well with our other cats and my son Ryan loves him! In fact, much to our surprise, our missing manx who was gone for 6 weeks appeared in our driveway approximately 2 weeks after Felix came to live with us! They get along great, and now my son has 2 cats that have taken over his room! Those 2 boys are into everything, and here is a picture of them taken the other day...  Dee 8/7/12

[We] adopted Darla and Molly a few months ago. It was the best decision we have ever made. Very loving sweet animals. Added so much joy to our household. Thank you!!
  I recommended adoption to my daughter, she just adopted Angelica (cat) today - what a darling she is too!!!


Angel cat

Last month I went to Petco to get some cat litter for my cat Matrix.  I decided to go check out the cats that could be adopted.  There I saw Angel lounging in the kennel I asked to hold her - she was so lovable I just melted!  From that moment on I was determined to convince my dad to let me have another cat!  No more then two days later I got to bring her home! She loves to play with toys and chase her lovely friend Matrix around.....   Genny 12/21/11

Here is Dancer during the winter when we got her. I love her so much. She makes me laugh, also gets me out of the house. When we first got her that night she got away, but she has really started to settle in now. If she were to get away she'll come back. I remember when I took her in our pool the first time. Oh my gosh she had to figure out how it worked, but now I'll sneak her in once in a while and she loves it. I so glad I went to get her. I can't imagine what I would be doing if I wouldn't have her at home.    Dancer's Mom 6/22/12

Here is Franklin!
He is a good boy.  The chewing may take some  time but we are so relieved he is house trained and good with the kids and cats.  If you find out anything else about him, I would love to know  more.  We are thankful to have him!
Thanks for checking on him!
The Lamb Family 1/24/12

Dear Mary, Guinevere dogI don't know if you'll remember her on sight, likely not as it's been two years and you've likely seen so many pups since then but our Guinevere is the pretty girl on the right.  The little fella on the left is Roscoe who is fully grown now; he was also a rescue.  Little Gwen is quite the character.  She's just a lovely little girl with something along the lines of a pit bull, chow or sharpei mixed in with that Golden.  At 45 pounds she looks exactly like a mini-golden but she's got the blue spots on the bottom and tip of her tongue.  She loves her little buddy Roscoe and simply adores our 7 year old boy and even the cat.

We spent a great amount of time with her before we brought Roscoe into the fold and our energy and patience gave her the time to bring through her loving and sweet personality. She is very odd in that she uses this little growling, throated communication which is very hard to describe, almost like she's trying hard to talk using throat sounds and she's very vocal.  I know it sounds strange but, if you make her do something she doesn't want to do (get off the furniture, leave the kitchen during dinnertime, etc.) she really does chew us out!  Wish I could describe it but if you think about a really grumpy older lady muttering bad things under her breath and mix in a little growling sound you'll get the picture......just hilarious.  Lots of play time with other animals, loads of other kids and lots and lots of travel and adventures.  She's a wonderful addition to the family and has really come into her own loving, carefree and playful ways.

Just thought you'd enjoy hearing a small bit of success with another happily placed pup and her loving family.
The Fontana Family 8/14/12

IrisIris was adopted on April 26, 2012, from the Franklin County Humane Society in Union, Mo.  She is a beautiful. but shy, one year old Blue Russian mix.  (I think she was a gymnast in a former life!)   Iris loves chasing the laser light;  playing "string";  laying and sleeping in the window;  getting "scratches";  talking;  getting treats; and rolling around on the floor.  She especially likes it when I lay on the floor with her.        
Sincerely, Jackie, June, 2012

Mr. Dexter is doing very well.   We have finally been able to leave him in the house without any incidents so far.  I am sure there is some spats in his future, but everyone is sufficiently bored with each other to coexist.  We have even had nose touches with no drama!

I thought you would enjoy an update on the little rascal.

Dexter sits in his "cat TV" chair -- we have places for them to sit with feeders outside for our "flock" of white winged doves.  There are about 24 so it is quite entertaining for the little beasts.  They will get startled and all fly off in a big flurry of wings and noise he always thinks that is his big chance for a tasty dinner.

His favorite sun place is on the desk in the front window.  I weighed him yesterday and he was at 8.5 lbs.  I was hoping for a pound more, but he has a good appetite and is wandering around the house a lot.  I think the vet weighed him at 7.2 when he was given the rabies shot.  So he is doing well.  We are slowing trying to get him onto a better diet since he is getting older, but not too fast that it affects his weight or contentment.

He has yet to discover the upstairs so we figure he lived in a one story house.  I think he will be quite amazed at the carpeted stairs and how much fun it is to charge up and down.

Hope all is well and you have found lots of forever homes for your charges.  Terry, March, 2012

Dear FCHS,

I adopted Max on Friday.  I'm a female disabled veteran who lives alone and works from home.  Max and his new brother Romeo are bringing tremendous joy and happiness to me.  And, Max is receiving lots of love, time, and cuddles!  

Attached is a letter written by "Max" (now Figaro) and a few photos. Please read the letter; not only will you catch up on how great he's doing in his new home, but... well... maybe it will evidence to you and others how important animals are in our lives.  How pets are valuable, precious, and "therapeutic" especially for a disabled veteran such as myself. 

Thank you for the work your organization does to save the lives of our little furry friends, and... in turn... make a difference in the lives of their human owners.

With Gratitude, Max's Mom  May, 2012

Ed. Note:  Thank you, Max's Mom, for your service to our country!  We agree, animals are so important in our lives.  We are pleased that our Max is now your Figaro!   FCHS

Max’s Letter to FCHS:

Dear FCHS Friends,

Thank you for taking me in when I was homeless and caring for me until I could find a “furever” home.

The lady who adopted me is a single, disabled veteran who doesn’t have any children.  She doesn’t walk very well, and she used to spend many lonely hours at home. (She just needed to adopt some cats!)  She works from home as a web designer, so she has all sorts of time to devote to me.  She may be disabled, but she has plenty of time to play… and lots of love to give, too!

About 6 weeks ago, my new Mom adopted a black cat named Romeo.  Romeo was 8 months old when he was adopted and had never, ever had a permanent home.  (Black cats are often the last to be adopted because of silly superstitions.  How ridiculous! We black cats have lots of love to give to those lucky enough to own us!) Well, once Romeo was settled into his new environment, my new Mom searched for another cat that would be a purrfect fit into our “family.”  And, guess what?  My new Mom picked ME!!!

Romeo is 8 months old, and I am 5 months old.  Romeo is black with a little tuft of white on his belly… and, I have a little tuft of white on my black belly, too! When my new Mom adopted Romeo she was told that he would probably prefer to have another cat in the house.  She also knew that I feel the same way and like being around other cats!  (Romeo and I have a lot in common!

My new Mom thought that since I was going to have a new life, that maybe I should have a new name to signify that the past and all its pain was behind me and that I was going to have a happy, bright future.  So, my name was changed from “Max” to “Figaro.”  I like that:  Romeo and Figaro… my name rhymes with my brother’s!    I have a new home filled with love, a new brother, and a new name. 

My new Mom was going to separate Romeo and I until we got to know each other.  But… that didn’t need to happen at all!  Within two hours Romeo and I were grooming each other and playing; we instantly became best buddies!  We have lots and lots of toys and TWO big, multi-level cat trees that look out over two different panoramic windows.  Romeo and I love to play soccer with our toy balls or chase around our mice or our feather flyers.  We also like to climb our cat trees and then sit together on different perches while we watch the birds and the bunnies in the back yard.  Sometimes we both curl up to sleep in our cat trees, but our favorite afternoon cuddle spot is a big chair-and-a-half (similar to a loveseat) that is OURS and ours alone!  We even have a zebra striped micro-fiber sheet (it feels sooooo good) on our chair and a soft stuffed tiger as an extra “cushion!”  (I sent a picture of Romeo and I curled up on our favorite chair.)  Romeo and I also like to “help” Mommy when she’s working on her laptop.  She’s very patient even if we walk across the keyboard when she’s working on a project, and she takes the time to set aside her work and give us “kitty love” (her time, attention, and lots of whisker and belly rubs!)  We all curl up on the couch and watch Animal Planet and other cool stuff on TV at night.  After a full day of joy and play, Romeo and I like to sleep with my new Mommy in her big, cozy bed.  I like to nestle in the crook of her arm and Romeo curls up on the other side of me.  I start purring and kneading with my paws, and we all  contentedly fall asleep and have sweet dreams …together.

I don’t understand why someone didn’t spay their pet and I was abandoned.  My first 5 months were pretty rough.  But, my new Mom is a disabled veteran, and… well… I think she’s experienced some pretty rough things, too.  Maybe… maybe I DO know why I was born and what my purrrrpose is.  I think God knew that there was a woman who would become disabled serving our country, and that her life would be forever changed by her experiences.  I think God knew that she might get lonely at times and would need some healing and joy that only a pet can provide.  Sometimes, humans don’t really know what to say to other humans who have experienced pain and loss… and there really isn’t anything another human CAN say that would “fix” things.  But we animals don’t NEED to say a word… we just romp and play and give nuzzles.   And, for some reason… well… it just brings healing to the human heart.  I think God knew that there would be three lives that He created (Romeo, my new Mom, and ME!) that would need healing in our souls.  And, by little twists and turns, God saw fit to bring us all together. 

Thank you for all you did at FCHS to take care of me before I was adopted.  Romeo, my new Mom, and ME are all bringing lots of healing, happiness, joy, and love into each other’s lives.  And, I know that wouldn’t have happened if FCHS hadn’t invested their time and resources into saving and protecting my life so I could make a difference in someone else’s.

With Gratitude,

Figaro (formerly “MAX”)

bailey black lab Christmas 120611

Just wanted to send a couple pictures of Bailey by  the christmas tree.   Tom and Nina    12/6/11


"Yay!  Thank you for picking me!  Thank you for picking me! Thank you for picking me!"   Zippy was adopted during October 2011 at the Sunset Hills PetSmart store. 

I've attached a couple pictures of our own Mollie. We adopted her from the Humane Society in April. She's been a wonderful addition to our life. At 8 years old, she's a testament to the benefits of adopting an older dog. She came to us well-trained and loving... just in need of a haircut!
-- Don and Claire

Well, her new name is Shadow. She is doing very well. As you can see from the photograph, she likes to lay with her big sister Molly.
I enjoy taking pet photos if you have some pets that you need photos of send me an email and I will set up a time with you to take them.
Tim, Pam, Molly and Shadow

In August of 2008 just a few months after my husband and I got married, we went searching for our first puppy.  We live in St. Louis and as we were running errands one Saturday in Sunset Hills, I saw that the Petsmart was having an adoption day featuring animals from FCHS.  On a whim we dropped in and found out that you had many more adoptable pets at the shelter so we decided to make the drive out there the next day.  We are so happy that we did because we found a perfect 10 week old boxer lab mix that was brought in with his mom and littermates.  He licked my face and wagged his tail and that's when we knew we had found "the one!"  We named him Apollo and couldn't be more thankful to have him in our family.  He loves taking walks in Forest Park, going to the dog park to play with his friends, and after all that fun, he then loves cuddling up on the couch with us.  Thank you so much for the generous work that you do and we hope that every one of the animals that you help finds a family to love them as much as we love Apollo.  We've attached a photo of Apollo from this last year.
All our best,
Annie and Frank White

We got Ison (now called Duke) from your shelter in March of 2010. It took some work to get him fully house-broken, but since then he has been the best thing for our family!!! Even his kitty sister loves him (or loves to boss him around, we're not sure which one). He is lovable, playful, and always greets us with the wag of a tail and a "hello" howl when we come home. Thank you for taking such good care of him until he went home with us!! Our family would not be complete without him. 

Cara and Eric Taylor 

P.S. We're sending a picture of him on "his" couch. We bought a cheap couch when we first got married and he took it over when we got him. We have since bought a newer couch, but since he loved the old couch so much, we kept it just for him...he's not spoiled AT ALL. :)

In October, my husband and I went into the Humane Society to donate some food and blankets.  While we were there, we decided to “just take a look”

and ended up falling in love with a young dog that we thought would be a great pal for our dog Alice, whom we adopted from the Humane Society six years ago.  We brought Alice and our kids up to meet him the next day and everyone fell in love.  We brought him home, and named him Abraham.  Abe gets along great with our 3 cats and is Alice’s best friend.  The two of them have so much fun together, more than we could ever have hoped for.  We believe that Abe had a happy home before going to the Humane Society; he is well behaved and knew how to sit, lie down, and he obviously knew all about rawhide bones.  Abe has since learned to stay and find his toys and has figured out how to open doors in the house by using his mouth to pull on the handles!  He is so loving, smart, and a bundle of joy to have around.  We are very happy with our new addition. Thank you to the Humane Society for all that you do for our four legged friends,

-- The Shelton Family
Hi, I am Gail Brown and in Dec of 08 I adopted an English bulldog that was called Charmed. She had been abandon and in really bad shape. She was also aged to be 10 and that is the life span of a bulldog. I changed her name to Ruby cause I knew there was a jewel inside that skinny half blind no teeth body. Now a year and a half later, she is quite the diva! Fat, sassy and loving life! Ruby is the mother to my pack of 9. Some say she was lucky  but I think we were the lucky ones! I have had so much enjoyment watching her discover a good life as I would have with a puppy. At her last vet visit we had some wonderful news. Doc Smith thinks she is younger then first thought and that her hard life was the reason she seemed so old. While not young but at 7 or 8 we can have even more happy days ahead. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but a picture speaks a thousand words so here is one of my jewel, Ruby. She is the bulldog on my lap. I thank you so much for giving me a best friend. Thank you -- Gail and Ruby and the rest of the Browns k9
Please help us create more Happily Ever After Tails

Reba came to our house just before Christmas 2009. I had walked her at the shelter a few times and fell in love with her. She was so shy and scared of everything, didn't want to walk on a leash. Just before Christmas I decided I was going to give her a home. I was nervous she may have been adopted and when I got to the shelter I couldn't find her. They had moved her and I was so relieved. Charlie and Reba adopted each other instantly. Reba did great the first two weeks. Then one day when I came home from work she had chewed herself through the door and destroyed the entire bedroom. Thinking she deserved a second chance, she now stays in her training crate when no one is home. She tried to chew herself out of that one too the first week, but seems to be doing fine now. Maybe she has realized that she is not abandoned and someone is coming back home. She's the sweetest dog in the world and rules the rooster now Still afraid of loud noises but other than that, she has become a happy family member. -- Carien.

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you all how much fun we have been having with Bailey this past year. He is definitely something special. Thanks Vera!!!!


-- Latisha and Paeton


Miss Miss
Dear FCHS,
 It's been going on 9yrs ago that I found one of my bestest friends.  For my 17th birthday (Jan 11, 2000) I wanted a cat, so I came to the shelter and found my lil MISS MISS! She was in a litter of kittens that were abandoned and brought in. I picked her out first. She was the shy, skiddish one, and I wanted to just love her unconditionally! The next day i went and got a brother of hers from the same litter.They have brought me such joy and love in these past years! If i needed comfort, they were there. I moved several times, and they were always my first priority. It took a bit to get them to trust me and share the love, as with their bad first experience, but with time,,they have given back 100 times more! Here is an up to date picture of MissMiss. I thought you would enjoy a happy story. Sadly, Smokey passed away from cancer, but he is in my heart as in MISSMISS's. I want to thank you for rescuing them and giving me a chance to love these babies. Now MissMiss gets the joy of being the only cat and sharing her days laying with the dogs in the house. The next time we decide on another one, we will be happy to say we are coming back to you to help another needy animal! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!   -- Peggy King


Hi Ron and Pat,


Daisy is doing well and really seems to be bonding and feeling at home the last several weeks.  She is still very interested in pick-up trucks, but overall seems pretty content and relaxed.  The whole family adores her, and she gets a lot of attention and time.  Her tail wags so hard now that her entire fanny moves and her middle name should be  “wiggles”.   


She’s gone to doggy obedience school the last two weeks and is coming along nicely.  She is such a smart girl. She has had ZERO house accidents after she healed up from surgery, and we are not crating her at night. 


Daisy is getting along better with the cats at home.  Just last week she and Tigger were touching paws on the couch, and Daisy licked Tigger’s foot.  (Big step forward).  

Daisy wants to go wherever we go, and she is rarely left home alone.  Last week I even took her with me to meet my girlfriends for coffee.  Daisy is funny, sweet, and a joy to be around. I think she is really “settling in”  and feeling safe and happy.


Take Care,

Paige Lee & Family





Dear FCHS,

  I wanted to send you a couple of pictures and thank you so much for taking such good care of me until I was adopted last March, 08.   My two brothers and I were found by the roadside on Hwy 50 and some kind person rescued us and brought us to the FCHS.

  My mom adopted me in March 08 from the FCHS.  My my mom named me Calee.  I love my new home, my mom and my bratty sister Kasie the cat.  I have a great fenced in yard to run around in, I sleep in mom's waterbed, go to see my favorite groomer, Minda to have my nails cut and a bath.  I also have lots of toys to play with. Mom takes good care of me, loves me so much and I am the luckiest dog in the world. I sure hope my brothers found a good home like I did. Thanks again for giving me a second chance. All dogs and cats deserve good homes. If it wasn't for kind people like the you, my mom and all the other animal lovers in Franklin County that adopt, volunteer and make donations we wouldn't have a chance.  -- Calee

Washington, MO.

Hi Franklin County Humane Society,

I was just a 4 month old puppy when my Mom & Dad came looking for me in Dec. 2005. They went through quite a lot to get me, including being on a waiting list, and when their turn came around, rushing in the snow to get me before the shelter closed for the night.

It was maybe a month later, as my parents were driving home from work that they thought they saw me running across a church lawn blocks from our home, carrying a white plastic bag. Worried that I had gotten out of the house and was running away with my toys they immediately stopped and pulled over to get me into the car before I could get hit by a car. But instead of me climbing into the back seat of the car, was another black Great Dane with a big white spot on her chest. She was covered in mud and bloodied paws. My Mom and Dad brought her home, cleaned her up, and immediately started looking for her owners. She was quite old, with gray on her snout. I was SO excited to have a playmate. For 2 days I followed her around, pestering the poor old girl. I just wanted to play. My parents would have kept her, but some very worried people came looking for their beloved pet, and she was gone. That is when they knew they had to get me a playmate.

As mother's day approached, my parents had gone to the shelter every couple of weekends. They did not know what would make the best playmate for me. On Mother's day weekend a Scrappy little guy climbed right out of his shelter cage, pulling at the heart string of my parents. He had been returned to the shelter three times by previous adopters. There was just one question... was he too small? After all, he was only 10 lbs compared to my ever growing Great Dane/Lab pedigree. We had a meeting and the rest is history. Scrappy, became Sebastian.

Since then we have moved across the country to Seattle, Washington. It was quite a journey. We did great on the 37 hour trek, and had many sniffs out the window as we passed through 8 states. Now we spend our days hogging the couch, hiking in the woods, and frequenting the many city dog parks making friends.

Thank you for all you do finding good homes for us! Hopefully the staff knows how important you are to building our family and this will bring some well wishes and smiles to your faces.

Thank you!

Zeus & Sebastian
Natalie & Danny Moore (Mom & Dad)


Hi Mary,
Not sure if you remember me, but I’m the one who adopted the Border Collie. Fritz (now named Fae) from your shelter last year.  Just wanted to let you know she is an AWESOME dog!  We love her, my trainer calls her “Miss Perfect”, and at a recent clinic, the herding judge said she was by far the best one there.  I’m attaching a few photos so you can see how she’s doing now. You almost wouldn’t recognize her, except for her crazy “smile”.  She’s put on about 4 pounds of muscle, and filled out nicely.  She’s just the greatest dog ever. If you ever come across other nice BC’s who need some help, please contact me directly.  Though there will never be another Fae, we always have applicants looking for young, energetic females.
Thanks, Mary!   
Cayla DuChene Houston, Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Dear FCHS,
APOLLO...loves his new home!
We adopted Apollo from FCHS in 2006. I know it has been a while, but I just had to tell you how wonderful he is.  He is truly an amazing dog. We adopted him as a 3-year-old. In the time he has been here, he has come a long way. When he first came to us, he was slightly skittish and timid.  Over the years, he has become energetic and healthy.  He even has a sense of humor!

When we adopted a younger sister for him in 2007, she taught him how to play.  He never used to play with the toys we got him, but i guess you are never too old to learn new tricks! Today, he is healthy and happy and sweet.
 Thank you for giving him a second chance at life. In a way, he saved ours.

Tamara Carey


Hi Mary,
We named her Lady Lucia.  Lucia is Italian for Lucy, so she is called Lucy.  She is shown in one of the attached pictures with our two other dogs, Sir Plunk (cocker spaniel) and Princess Grace (Cavalier King Charles spaniel), or Plunk and Gracie to us.  Lucy is settling right in with all of us, and even gets along with our cat, Tess.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures.  We thank you again for bringing Lucy to Parable Christian Book Store in Arnold on 8/2.  We fell in love with her there, and are so happy we can provide a good home for her.
God bless you all and your work with His creatures.
Lee and Jerry Kyle

I was once lost, but great news!!!  I was put in the Missourian paper as Pet of the Week!  What an honor!  Well, my parents saw the ad and recognized me!  They had given up ever finding me.  Boy, was that a happy reunion!  It just goes to show that  you should always keep looking and always look at all of the shelters. Pets don't know geographic boundaries, and sometimes people bring lost pets to shelters that are near them, not necessarily near our homes.  So don't give up too soon, we may just be around the corner.  I am so happy!

 Dear FCHS,
This is Bonnie!  We adopted Bonnie from the Chesterfield Pet Smart in May of 2008.  My 12 year old dog had just died and it was Mother's Day and my family and I decided to go look at the adoptable pets at Pet Smart.  I didn't notice Bonnie at first b/c she was so shy and reserved.  After playing with the other dogs for a while I noticed her and went up to pet her and she coward away.  The girl told me she had been returned 2x and had been in the shelter for a while.  She didn't warm up at all but I fell in love with her and told my family I wanted to take her home.  My kids and husband couldn't believe I wanted to take such a shy dog home.  It was Mother's Day and they didn't have a choice.  Well, two months later she is fetching, playing with the kids and sleeping in all the beds.  We love her and can't believe someone could return such a wonderful dog.  She's not out of her shell 100%, but she has made a 90% leap and she's on her way. Bonnie is our family member and will live out her life with a family that loves her.  She gives us all we need.  Thank you Franklin County for bringing Bonnie to the Pet Smart that day.  It was truly a Happy Mother's Day.   -- CJ & Linda Williams


Dear FCHS Family,

About a year ago I adopted Dingo (Name is officially changed to Moonshine) from Franklin County Humane Society. Apparently he kept jumping fences and no one wanted him. I flew out to Missouri from Maryland and drove the little guy back and now he's the most wonderful dog ever. On the drive back he was pretty shy once we left the shelter. He started out on the floor of the back seat and when we got to Illinois he was sitting on the back se
at. By the time we got to Indiana we kept looking at me and when we got to Ohio we was sitting on the front seat. Finally, when we were in West Virginia getting ready to cross the Maryland border he was sitting on my lap with his head sticking out the window. Ever since then he's been my best friend and he's always by my side. He gets along with our cat and he's great with kids.
We love this dog so much and he usually goes with us on our trips and we plan to take him to Spain and France this winter. Here are some pictures of him and couple of tricks that he's learned over the last couple of months.

Thank you guys so much for working with me to help me get this little guy. Next time we are ready to adopt a dog I'm definitely going to contact you guys because for some reason you guys have the cutest little guys there.
Hareen and Erika Apparakka





We are just so pleased with Felina and have been enjoying integrating her into our family routine!  She is such a pretty little girl.  
Have a great afternoon!!
Cayloma Sehnert

 This is Josie, whom I adopted from your shelter  in Dec. Of 2006. I had to have my dog of 12 years put to sleep and decided to give another dog a second chance. I came to the shelter a few times before I decided on her.
She was so shy and so sad. I fell in love with her and I think she felt the same. She is very happy here with my husband, our other dog [Annie], our
three cats, rat and rabbit. She is such a sweet dog and gets along well with the grandchildren too. When she is really happy she runs to me throwing up her big paw. I say she's high-fiving me. Shelter pets are the best because they know you gave them that second chance!

Kathye Geissler


Hi Mary-
We got Jerry home yesterday and he is just the sweetest pup ever. He is very gentle with John and slept peacefully next to our bed the whole night.

Here's a picture of John and Jerry. They really took to each other. I have a thank you card for the little girl who had Jerry before. Would the Humane Society be able to forward it to her?
Many thanks! 

 We just adopted "Marcus" (which is now officially "Max" ) on 03/16/08.  As you can see, he is right at home with all of us especially our grandchildren.  It didn't take him long to figure out what the word ''treat" ment.  He gets a treat when he goes out & does his business.  He is pretty well house trained except for very few accidents once in awhile.  He is always willing to cuddle on Anyone's lap, including our grandchildren.
We love him very much.  He has not barked once since we've had him,
though he has alittle growl when he's looking out the door or out in the yard.  Just when he is curious about something he hasn't seen
We just wanted to let you know how he is doing & send a few pictures to see how he is adjusting.  We are very thankfull to be able to adopt a very loving dog.  We don't know how anyone could ever give him up.
Thank you again.
Don & Marge Rader

Dear FCHS ~ This is a great picture of Hawk (German Shep) and his sister
Layla (Malinois).  One of those moments of 'awwww' - both focusing on mom. 

I have to say the minute I saw Hawk I was in love and he is a amazing, sweet boy and I am so glad that he happened into our lives - the timing was perfect since I had recently lost my Sammy(brittany/cocker mix) to complications of old age.  I actually had Sammy for 15 years and he was a rescue from the shelter in Union also. 
Take care,
Jackie Foster

Dear FCHS,
I just had to add a few pics one is Dolly who was my foster baby and got adopted. Lola our yellow lab we fell in love with and adopted her right away. Abby was a foster child to and we adopted her into the family. I cant stop there I love the animals to much and would be a foster mom to all the baby's there if I could. So I will stick to one at a time and doing my pet adoptions on the weekends. 
Amber Legg 

Dear FCHS,
I just wanted to send some pictures of Dainty (who we adopted in August 2007 and have renamed Annabelle).  She is such a sweet and active girl that we decided she needed a canine companion so we adopted Charlotte the brown and white whippet mix from the St. Louis Senior Dog Project in December.  As you can see the two are the best of friends and love to go for walks and runs with my husband and I.  The two love to run and chase so much that we added a 6 foot tall fence to our backyard so they can run and play safely.  Our 13 year old cat even joins them!  (Our 12 year old cat prefers to stay inside.)
Everyone from the dog walker, to our friends, to our family, to strangers we meet when walking comment on our sweet and pretty girls. They are such a fun addition to our lives.
Cynthia Foht

                                                                     Dear FCHS,
I've been getting dogs exclusively from shelters since 1987. Here's a couple of pictures of Sadie (white) and Ripley.  They are both from your facility - Sadie as a pup August 2002 and Ripley as an adult December 2005.

I think Sadie is a Great Pyrenees/Brittany mix and Ripley I'm guessing is a Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd mix.  Ripley had been in your place for almost 2 weeks when I saw him. I was looking for a puppy but one of your staff talked to me and after learning that I had worked in kennels and such in my youth, suggested that I walk him around a bit outside. Anyhow I ended up taking him home, it took him quite awhile to start interacting with others but now he's a real hoot with an obvious sense of humor. He still doesn't like anyone outside the family walking up to pet him. If I get on the ground inside or outside the house, he will come lay up against me even if it's 90 degrees in the shade.  
Sadie does not know a stranger, everyone is her friend until proven otherwise.  I also took on a barn cat that was abandoned. Tom adopted very well to the household and the 3 of them stay inside while we're at work and don't mess up anything. I think that they know how things maybe could have been for them.
Ya'll are wonderful, keep up the good work.
Chris Ederen

Dear FCHS,
We adopted Sydney just last weekend (March '08) and have fallen in love already! She is full of energy and such a good puppy!  She gets along with everyone and is already learning so fast!
Thank you so much for having your adoptions and allowing families to rescue great animals!

Jessica & Devin

Dear Humane Society Friends
Hello, my name is Toby and I was adopted from you about 10-01-07 at a Petsmart location in Ballwin, MO.  I was known by my friends there as "Fat Face".
I am doing great and enjoying being a young pup that gets into everything.  Tell all my friends there "hello."  I am sending some photos below.
Don and Diane Soph, St. Louis County, MO

Hi Mary,

Below is a picture of the Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler puppy I adopted January 17, 2008.  I decided to name him Joey (after a baby kangaroo) because he kept hopping and jumping on his back legs to see what's going on.  As you can see he looks a lot like his new big sister Alie, Blue Heeler/Basset.  They are getting along just fine. 
Alie gets Joey between her big basset paws and grooms him.  You would think that she is chewing a leg off by listening to him.  However, he has now gotten used to being groomed and doesn't struggle as much.  Alie is being a good big sister and has taught him how to use the doggie door from the garage to the fenced yard. She is trying as best she can with house training.  He is trying, but my past experience with little boys is that they are a little slower in that department than little girl puppies.  By the way, the hard hat  belongs to Alie, she claimed it when I was cleaning out the garage last spring.

We are happy that Joey has joined our family and he fits right in.
Take Care
Linda Hoefft

Dear FCHS,
He loves to go on car rides with us and goes NUTS when we say, "You want to go bye-bye"!! 
We adopted him 2 years ago from the Humane Society.  We are so happy with him and would never trade him for anything in the world.
The Teuschers
P.S.  His name was originally, Percy 

Dear FCHS,
I'd like to share a success story:
My wife and I have adopted 2 wonderful dogs from your shelters.  AJ (his original name was James) was adopted on July 9th, 2006.  He was only 3 months old at the time and has fit in just perfectly with our family. 
We have recently moved into the Manchester area and with a bigger yard and house, we thought we had enough room and love to share with another dog.  On Sunday, January 27th, we adopted Kylie (her orininal name was puppy).  Kylie has already become a beloved memeber of our family.  She was a bit shy at first but once she realized how much we love having her in our family, she quickly opened up to us.
AJ & Kylie have already become the best of friends.  Their favorite parts of the day are the morning walks and lounging around on the couch in the evening time.
Thank you so much for all you do!  We thought you'd enjoy seeing some pictures.
Thanks again, Al & Kelly Dudley

 Dear FCHS,
We adopted Jill (Photo Attached) from the Franklin County Humane Society on December 31st last year.  She has adjusted beautifully to our home; we have a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd, and they've become great playmates and friends.  We couldn't be happier that we selected her!!!  Thought you'd enjoy a photo of her and an update on how she's been doing.
 Merry Christmas!


Dear FCHS -

My husband and I adopted Ben (formerly known as Blackberry, we have a theme in our house) in July, and she has been a wonderful addition to our home.  When we adopted her, we were told she had spent about 3 months at your shelter, but she was comfortable at our house right away.  She and our dog Hoss have been playmates since day one!  We love Ben dearly, she is a constant and loyal companion and our home wouldn't be the same without her!!

When we first brought her home, Ben seemed to think our resident cat was some sort of indoor squirrel - there for her to chase!! However, with a little time and patience Ben and our cat, Little Joe, became comfortable with each other and now to play together everyday!  For anyone who has adopted a pet and is having a hard adjustment period, we just want to say, give it time - it will work itself out, please don't give up on your new dog or cat!!

Thank you to the FCHS for taking such good care of Ben when she was with you. I have attached a few pictures of Ben which were taken this fall.  In the first, Ben is on the right - enjoying the couch with our other dog Hoss :)





Listen for Us On Shelter Talk Radio
Tune in to AM 1220 All Talk Radio KLPW on the first Wednesday of each month to hear  'Shelter Talk' with Mary Lenau and Diane Jones at 8:35 a.m
If you have questions or input for KLPW, call (636) 583-5155.

Hi, Mary! 


Here is a story for your website about our rescued pets. We just moved here from Cincinnati, OH, and 10 of our 11 dogs were rescued and adopted from Ohio/Indiana shelters.  We compete and perform across the country with them in frisbee and agility.  Haven't adopted from your facility (yet!), but there's always room for one more in our household!  We hope to get involved with the Franklin CO. shelter and help where we can. Our dogs just won 120# of dog food this past weekend at a competition, and we plan to donate the winnings to you guys!


 We began rescuing dogs just after 9-11, when we realized that life is too short not to act on your dreams.  We had always enjoyed playing frisbee with our aussies at the park, but wanted to get more involved in competitions. 


Everything changed the day we met and adopted Spike from Preble County in Ohio!  He went from homeless to World Finalist in less than 6 months, and from that moment on, we were bit by the disc dog bug! 


We have gone on to adopt a total of 9 additional dogs that we travel and compete with, and we have rescued and placed an additional 60 dogs into new forever homes. 


We've been lucky enough to show off our rescued dogs in competitions across the country.  Raccoon Jack is the reigning 2007 International Frisbee dog Champion! 


Five went from being dumped along a highway as a 6 week old puppy to a 5 time World and National frisbee finalist!


Blade came from an 'oops' litter dumped at our county pound and went on to win the 2005 Single Disc World Championship at only 11 months of age.


I truly hope that we can touch people who see us compete and perform, and demonstrate to them firsthand what incredible dogs wait (and even die) in U.S. shelters every day!  Our goal is to promote pet adoption and also to educate people on the responsibilities of pet ownership - frisbee is not just a great way to bond with your dog, but also gives them a real job to do.  A tired dog is a good dog!


Thanks!  --  Tracy Custer

 Here's a way to help FCHS at NO expense to you.
Shop today at your Schnucks store with your eScrip card - You get your groceries - Schnucks donates a percentage to FCHS. Everybody wins!
Pick up a card, call the 1-800 number on the front of the card, and then tell them you want to have your card number connected the Franklin County Humane Society in Union, Missouri.  If you need it, our group ID number is  500022033. Then remove the white sticker and present your card to the checker BEFORE he or she rings up your groceries.